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Do you require an application fee?

Yes. Each adult who intends to live in the property must complete and submit a rental application. The cost for processing the application is $25 per adult. Applications should be filled out completely and fully.

What are the criteria used for approving an application?

When you submit a rental application you are allowing us to perform a background search. We are attempting to determine the likelihood of your paying the rent on time and whether you will take proper care of the property and fulfill your lease obligations. The three main factors we consider are your credit report (approximate score of 600 preferred), landlord/mortgage history and your employment and income verifications. While your credit does not have to be spotless, it is very important that you do not show a pattern of paying your bills late or not at all.

How do I apply for a rental?

Fill out our application completely and fully.
Pay $25 per adult who will be occupying the residence for credit screening.
We will check your past rental references.
We will check your credit. Make sure your past addresses match your credit report.
At a minimum, good rental references in addition to a credit score of 600 with no history of late payments and no evictions is required.
Ideally, your rent should be within your BAH or no more than 40% of your income.

What happens after my application is accepted?

A lease is signed.
A security deposit of 1 month’s rent plus the current month’s prorated rent and a pet fee (if allowed by owner) will be collected.
Tenants will provide confirmation numbers for utility transfers prior to receiving the keys.
A walk through of the property must be completed with a leasing agent within 5 days of lease signing or possession.
Keys will be released.
Rent will be due again on the 1st day of the month.

What is our Pet Policy?

Is Fort Riley Area Rentals pet friendly? The simple answer is yes. However, we defer to the owners’ wishes for each property and will only allow what our owners have provided for in our management contract. At a minimum there is a pet fee and some owners may even require additional monthly rent or have other stipulations. Ask your leasing agent about the specifics for each property!

Can we hold a unit until you arrive?

We know a PCS can be stressful and a major disruption to your family. Unfortunately, we cannot hold rentals. If a unit is vacant, rent begins when a lease is signed. If a unit is occupied, rent will begin when the current lease expires. Quite often, we have customers who visit a vacant unit and want to start rent at a later date. In fairness to our owners, we just can’t do that.

Can I rent a unit without viewing it?

Unfortunately, no. You must personally view a property prior to executing a lease with our company.

How do I view a unit?

Occupied properties will require at least 24 hour notice for showings. Appointments are required for check in and check out. A check in prior to moving possessions into the unit is always preferred!

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes. We require the security deposit to be paid once the application is approved and before the tenancy begins. The security deposit is equal to 1 month’s rent. Keys are not released until utility confirmation # are provided as evidence of utility transfer.

Do you require a lease?

Yes. We require a written lease on each property. The lease period is generally for one year.

What if I need to move before the lease expires?

You should notify us in writing of your intent to move by filling out a Vacating Notice Prior to Lease Expiration available at our office. You will be responsible for paying rent until the end of the lease term or until we are able to rent the home to an acceptable tenant, whichever comes first. Plus, you will be held responsible for any repairs, maintenance and leasing fees incurred by the owner. You should also leave all utilities in your name until you lease ends or until we find another tenant.

I am military and received orders. What do I need to do?

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides members of the armed services the right to break their lease if, during the tenancy, the tenant receives PCS orders or deployment orders whose deployment time frame is in excess of 90 days. If this happens, you must provide us a written copy of your orders and provide a written notice of lease termination. As provided by the SCRA, service members must provide written notice and their tenancy ends 30 days from their next rent paying period. If you provide the appropriate documentation by April 15, for example, your next rent paying period would be May 1 and your tenancy would end May 30. An ETS does not constitute a right to break a lease under the military clause. The military clause also does not allow for a tenant to break a lease to move on post. Yes, you must provide us a copy of your written orders in order to break a lease under the SCRA.

Can a landlord force me to move during my lease?

No. Even if an owner wants to move back into a property, your lease will be honored.

Can I get a pet after I move into the property?

Generally not. Your lease specifically states whether you are permitted to have a pet. Obtaining a pet after the tenancy begins could be a violation of the terms of your lease.

Can I sublease the property?

No. Your lease specifically prohibits this act.

Can I install cable tv or satellite at the property?

Generally speaking, yes. Please check your subdivision covenants to see if this is prohibited and exactly what is allowed by the subdivision. Dishes may not be attached to the house or the roof and must be removed at the end of your lease.

Can I paint or modify something in my rental property?

No. Unless you receive written permission from our company prior to making a change, you may not alter the property in any way. If you wish to alter the property, you should submit your request to us in writing and wait until you receive written consent from us before making alterations. You may also be required to restore the property to its original condition.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

Please log in to your tenant portal and notify us of the problem. If this is during office hours, you can also contact our office at 785-579-6900.

What if I have a maintenance issue after hours?

The definition of a maintenance emergency is an issue that is dangerous, hazardous or an issue that if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your personal well-being. In a true emergency, call 911. If your maintenance issue meets the criteria above and it is after our normal business hours, you may call our after hours line by listening to the voice message at 785-579-6900. Examples of emergencies include active or uncontrollable water leaks, sewer line backups, sparks from appliances, gas odors or fire. If you have a water leak, shut off the main water supply usually found in the basement or call the city to shut off the main supply outside. Unfortunately, we do not have a repair technician who will service your refrigerator or repair your heat/ac late in the evening or in the middle of the night. These conditions constitute inconveniences, but not emergencies and will be handled the next day. If a problem occurs late in the evening or in the middle of the night, it is very unlikely we will be able to dispatch a contractor to the property until the morning, so please try and contain the issue as best as possible.

Can I be charged for maintenance at a property?

Yes. If damage or neglect causes the maintenance problem, you will be charged for it. Also, if you insist on being present when a repair technician comes to the house but you miss the appointment, you may be charged for the service call.

What are common service calls for which a tenant might be charged?

Plugged drains due to the introduction of a foreign object. Grease in the drain. Potato peels or similar peels that stop the garbage disposal.

Should I purchase my own policy of renter’s insurance?

Yes. It is highly recommended that tenants carry enough coverage to cover themselves and their personal belongings.

How can I view the interior of a rental?

All of our rentals can be viewed online at You can also drive by and view the exterior. IF you do, please do not contact the occupant. If you like the location and like what you see, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

This is my first time paying rent late. Can you waive the fee?

No. We do not waive the fee. Fair Housing Laws require us to treat all residents equally. Rent is due on the 1st and can be paid without penalty until the 5th. You can also pay online if our office is closed.

What is the move out procedure?

Once you provide your timely, written Vacating Notice to us, you will need to have the carpets cleaned professionally by the vacating date. Please provide us the receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company. The property should be clean and in move in condition. Please review our online checklist so you know what the cleaning standards and criteria are. You may attend the move out inspection with a member of our staff. This must be scheduled in advance. It is not the responsibility of our staff to arrange for the cleaning of the property. Failure to have the property ready for the next tenant could result in a $100 deduction from your security deposit if we have to arrange for any cleaning and a daily charge until the property becomes rent ready.

When can I expect the return of my security deposit?

Within 30 days after the termination of your lease you will be provided with an itemized disposition of your security deposit along with any refund due.